EST 2017


Overdose Eyewear is an online eyewear shop for young men and women who love trendy fast fashion. Overdose Eyewear released its first collection on July 5th, 2017. The e-commerce store is ran by a young Fashion Stylist and B.B.A holder. The business operations take place in Washington D.C. Overdose Eyewear was started to inspire women of color who want to become entrepreneurs in which we call "Girl Bosses".  

Our mission is to inspire entrepreneurs (especially women of color) to differentiate themselves in the marketplace through innovative ideas, quality products, and customer service. Our mission is to give back through philanthropic acts and become socially responsible with our carbon footprint.  

Our target Market includes Men and women between the ages of 13-25 who shop for urban fast fashion. During the summer of 2018 Overdose Eyewear was placed in store for customers to shop. In the upcoming months we plan on expanding our product placement in stores located in L.A, New York, Atlanta , and Miami.